International Moving Services

Moving your household goods overseas demands skill and professionalism, especially when it is your home. Our years of experience mean we really take care to pack /wrap and box all your fragile items before they are loaded into the freight container.

Ocean Transportation

The port of departure and port of arrival determines the transit line of an ocean shipment. We can provide you with the estimated dates of departure and arrival of our next vessels. Vessel sailing are regularly scheduled.  Should you have 2-3 bedrooms, then you should opt for a 20′ container. If you have 4 or more bedrooms, you should opt for a 40′ container. Marine insurance is recommended for any valuable or irreplaceable items.

Overseas Personal Goods + Automotive Shipping

We can also load your automobile into the same container, subject to the size of the automobile and the number of rooms. Usually a 2 and 1/2 bedroom and a medium sized automobile i.e.: ford Taurus/Toyota Camry requires a 40’ size container (see specs of container) should you have only 2-3 bedrooms without an automobile, then you should opt for a 20’ container. The technique of loading an automobile in the same container needs to be considered carefully. The automobile will be blocked/braced and  tied down inside the container, plus a wall of separation built around the automobile so that during transit/sailing nothing moves.

Domestic Moving Services

Ground Transportation

Reliable Freight provides wide coverage across North America including Hawaii, and Canada offering full truck load die: 20’ 48’ & 53’ depending on the volume and area space of your office, warehouse, or household goods. A 2-1/2 Bedroom house usually fits into a 20’ truck load, and 3-5 bedroom could fit into a 48’ or 53’ truck . We have the right packaging materials  for Book boxes, Wardrobe boxes, Cushioned boxes for Fragile Items including bubble wrap. Blanket wrap is used for furniture only.

Rates are based on truck size, place of Origin, and Destination (door to door). Bear in mind bearing weight Limitations: via Road 40,000 lbs gross. Please note the truck/trailer height stands 4’ from ground. No Automobiles or Hazardous materials should be loaded, until you obtain permission from Our Sales agent/Customer service for approval.

Do It Yourself SAVINGS:
You also have the option to load your household goods by help of your family or friends. We bring the container to your door, provided you obtain permission from authorities to park the container on a public road. (We advise you to keep in mind the street cleaning days). We allow you to keep the container for 3 days for loading (this permission is not required if it is on your own premises). If you intend to load the Automobile together with your personal & household goods, you must call us for instructions. This “do it yourself” option can provide large savings.

Shipping Checklist:

  1. When loading an automobile into the container the gas tank should be less than 1/4 tank full.
  2. Please ensure that the vehicle has enough engine oil and antifreeze/coolant.
  3. The system & the battery cables are disconnected.
  4. The US customs will require the ORIGINAL TITLE/PINK SLIP one week to 10 days before vessel sails.
  5. The Title must be in your name or signed from the previous owner.
  6. If you do not have a title and the automobile is brand new, you must have an MSO (mfg. state of origin).

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